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How I Found the Anti-Diet Space

My journey to becoming an RD was a long and windy road, and my interests and goals in the world of nutrition changed many times along the way. I wanted to be a pediatric dietitian, a sports dietitian, a holistic dietitian, a corporate wellness dietitian…honestly, I would’ve taken any role that presented itself. It was only by chance and pure luck that my first job offer came from a company that centered its nutrition philosophy around Health at Every Size® and intuitive eating, encouraging an environment of non-judgment around food and body size. For the first time in all my years as a nutrition student, intern, and then-new RD, I was focusing on counseling patients around their relationships with food rather than telling them how and what to eat. 

I can’t say this transition was easy or quick. Everything I encountered in my new role was counterintuitive to what I learned in my studies: tossing out the focus on weight, rarely discussing the nutrient content of foods, and not once did I prescribe a diet plan. It seemed so strange and out of the ordinary…yet something about this environment felt right. In sessions with my patients I could see them becoming happier and more comfortable around food – and THAT was more rewarding than any other counseling I’ve ever done. Helping others rediscover comfort and happiness around food became my new passion. 

Shortly after starting this new work, I knew I needed to learn more about the ideas in this anti-diet space. I wanted to be able to support my patients like they deserved, and this meant I needed to educate myself on why so much of what I’d learned of weight and diets was wrong. I started listening to podcasts, reading articles and books, and connecting with other healthcare professionals with the same HAES mindset. I’ve learned a ton of new information already, but know there is still so much more for me to explore. 

I’m excited to begin using this site as a dedicated space for exploring the ideas and research I find during my re-education on food and bodies. If you’re a like-minded individual, feel free to reach out – I would love to connect!