• Northern Virginia, DC Metro Area




I am a Non-Diet, Weight-Inclusive Registered Dietitian

My name is Madeline, and I am a registered dietitian living in Northern Virginia. I currently work with clients with disordered eating on practicing mindfulness and intuitive eating to improve their relationships with food and their bodies. I am aligned with the principles of Health at Every Size and believe in guiding clients toward healthful food and lifestyle behaviors without discussing weight or body size. I am also passionate in the belief that food is food and does not hold moral value; that every food that a person enjoys can healthfully fit into their life; and that as human beings, we have the right to eat and enjoy our food, every day.



  • Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health, Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • 1200 Hour Dietetic Internship, Be Well Solutions
  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, James Madison University
  • Member, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Focus on healthful behaviors, not weight or body size.

All Foods Fit

Food is just food, without moral value or judgment.

Intuitive Eating

Honor your body by listening to hunger and fullness cues.